The "Invitation"

There’s something sour in the legendary mythically lands of candy….

Ever since the Toffee Era, there’s been peace and tranquillity from the Chocolate Mountains to the Frosting Fields, but now the cottoned clouds rolling in from the north comes in even strange shapes, casting eerie shadows upon the lands.

It began when young Lady Kompeito and young Lord Batasha, son and daughter of the two mightiest lords of Candyland, were about to be wed, but their sudden disappearance cast the kingdoms into confusion, chaos further heightened by the Sugarrush plague suddenly spreading like wildfire, causing people to act strangely and unpredictable!

Fathers of the disappeared, Lord Lakrisal and King Jbean went under the plague first, each accusing the other of treason, quickly massing armies and preparing for war, something unheard of in Candyland since the days of Hard Drops.

Now from the old kingdoms of the East marches Lord Lakrisal’s Liquorice Legionaries and King Jbean’s Jelly Batteries roll forth from the West. They are bound to meet each other at the Tastebud Villages on the Sugarcane Plains, and when that happens Candyland as we know never be the same, and Halloween, the treasured time of candy that is one of the foundations of the realm, will forever be changed…

Who are the cause of all of this? Was it one of the lords scheming against the other? Was it the Winegummi Warlock of the North who set his eyes of the Candythrone? Or perhaps the Chocolate Dragons of the Lost Swamp releasing the Sugarrush Plague? The Weathecap Witches? The Toothfaerie? Two lovers running away to live a life of no lording responsibility? Or any two or more of the above mentioned?

I am Evralerbal, witch of the Tastebud villages, and I have sent this call for help! Candyland needs reinforcemen from the outside, from people yet unaffected by the Sugarrush, someone who can help us set things right and save Halloween in all the realms!

To any who this reaches, please hear my call for help! Seek out the strongest concentration of candy in your vicinity and follow the call of Candyland… it needs you!


Those who went to Candyland...

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